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About Us

CULTUREPACE , the brand of Parallel Universe.  Founded in Ireland by Mr Flow( Jh Chin) and Hendery Wong. Establish in the year 2019 in Ireland and bring back to Malaysia in the year 2020. Culturepace is not only the clothing brand but also the culture,spirit and attitude. We use the parallel universe as a beacon to encourage people to follow their hearts and do what they think "right" regardless of others' criticism. Because there is no right or wrong in this world. We should not be affected by the rules of this universe. We believe that there are many different concepts, lifestyles and philosophys in countless parallel universes.

Using apparel as a canvas for stories, we aim to spread our messages through our designs and ultimately show the people of the world be loyal to their hearts andignore the opinions of others.


Why The Name?

The name is related to our mission which is accelerate the pace of Hip Hop culture and make it popular among all the sector of society. Nowadays, majority of people define this culture as rebelious young people. But actually Hip Hop is everywhere around you no matter what age you are. Because it is a lifestyle and the spirit. We hopes that this culture can become mainstream instead of staying underground forever.

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